Say It Ain’t So!!! Rapper Starship God Claims Head Of Cash Money Records “Birdman” Sodimized Him For A Record Deal

Say It Ain't So!!! Rapper Starship God Claims Cash Money Head Birdman Sodimized Him For A Record Deal

Rapper StarshipGod, who claims to be affiliated with RichGang,  is making waves this morning after he uploaded a video to Instagram in which he claims he let Cash Money head Birdman‘f*ck’ him to get a record deal.

In the clip, StarshipGod very candidly states:

But anyway, yeah. Birdman fu@#ed me. He fu@#ed me in the a$$ for the deal. I’ma be real — I sucked Birdman’s d!@k.

Say what now?

We’ve never heard of a ‘StarshipGod’ and we’re willing to bet you haven’t either.

Birdman’s been plagued by gay rumors since the early 2000s… but this right here is out of control.

Source: LoveBScott

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