Say What??? Battle Rapper Daylyt Says That He Want To Have Sex With Diddy


Daylyt is one of the battle rap’s circuit most unpredictable competitors, a trait that works to his advantage when going up against other MCs. Well, the California MC brought that same unpredictable nature when he sat with VladTV for a recent interview. A strange question yes, but his answer was even more strange.

The edited video clip started off with the interviewer asking Daylyt about a hypothetical scenario where he would be invited to watch Diddy having sex.

“Would I f–k Diddy? yeah,” Day said, after being asked if he would like to witness the Bad Boy CEO have sex.

“Yeah, I’d f–k Diddy, I’m not gonna front, I’d f–k the sh– out of Diddy. “But I’m just keeping it a buck, like why not? Diddy’s attractive. Get him off a bottle of Ciroc, a shot of Ciroc. he got plenty of Ciroc. Get him f–ked up, I’ll f–k.”

Day has been making a lot of headlines lately. He was a battle contestant on Shady’s “Road to Total Slaughter” television series. He also dressed up as the comic book character Spawn and stripped down to his underwear during Shady’s big pay-per-view battle in July. Still, it isn’t clear if the rapper was making some sort of declaration about his own sexuality or just going for some serious shock value.

“I got a website. I’m about to start a movement it’s called: I Want To F–k P. Diddy Movement. That’s my agenda for the rest of the semester,” he continued, before taking things a step further, saying that he’d like to make a sex tape with the hip-hop mogul.

“That’s something I would love to do. I think Diddy is a very attractive person. I’ve always been infatuated about the way he dances. It was something about the arms and sh–. I used to be like, ‘Yo, that sh–’s sexy yo,’” Daylyt said. “Pause, no homo, let’s really be honest, like Diddy’s thick yo. You ever seen the n—a in some tight sh–. That n—a thick yo, he got a nice shape.”

The interviewer offered to set up a lie-detector test for Daylyt, who told him that he’s never lied before in his life.

Source: MTV


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