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Sarah Palin Calls For Impeachment of Supreme Court Justices Because They Ruled For Same Sex Marriage

Sarah Palin Calls For Impeachment of Supreme Court Justices Because They Ruled For Same Sex Marriage

WASILLA, Alaska – Moments after the Supreme Court ruled that the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to same sex marriage, former Fox News commentator Sarah Palin called for the “full and unconditional impeachment of the Supreme Court which voted in favor of non traditional marriage in its various forms across our great nation.”

Palin, a longtime staunch defender of traditional marriage, made her comments in a prepared statement from her home studio. The former Alaska Governor actually did not specifically name the Justices who voted in dissent, and even suggested that the entire court “start over from scratch” to restore the “original values and principles set down by our Founding Fathers and patriotic ancestors.”

It is not clear if Palin’s studio statement about the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage was viewed or recorded, because Fox News declined to renew Palin’s contract as political commentator on June 1. No live broadcast facilities or satellite capabilities were “on-line” during her announcement from the darkened studio, say Fox News sources.

Suggesting that her words and the core beliefs of conservatives across the nation “will fall on deaf ears” – a slightly veiled jab at President Obama – Palin remarked that the efforts of traditional family value supporters will “probably not even make it past the White House fence“, alluding to a series of recent and embarrassing Secret Service blunders during Obama’s term.

Palin, 58, is not the only family member making headlines these days. The former vice presidential candidate’s oldest daughter Bristle, recently announced her second out-of-wedlock pregnancy; news greeted with harsh reaction from many people who felt the birth announcement via blog was less than celebratory, quoting the expectant mother’s own words: “a huge disappointment.”

A handwritten statement by Palin, left on her front lawn for members of the press, concluded with “dire words of future warning” for traditional American values:

“It is the continuing agenda of the Obama administration, and the lack of veto power shown by the members of The Court, once again led by Chief Justice Roberts who disappointed conservatives once before by voting for the Obamacare individual mandate. The further eroding of the once great strides that have guided us throughout this great nation’s history, with Mama grizzlies and ordinary women and men in the real America taking back our government in 2016 and the core principle values that have been trampled today in their memories footsteps is a watershed event.”

Source:  NYtimes

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