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Sandra Bland Death Update: Video Footage From Waller County, TX Jail Is Released


The footage from the Waller County, TX jail was released today in addition to a “formal” cause of death from the medical examiner.  Sandra Bland’s death has been ruled a suicide however her supporters are still not convinced nor are they going to accept what information is being giving to them without an investigation from authorities outside of Waller County.

Take a look at the video:

EarHustle411 is not video experts nor do we claim to be but when you have surveillance cameras and they only function when there is some kind of movement in from of the camera, we have to question the movement in an area where the camera’s motion sensor cannot or did not pick up any movement.  This situation and others like this is so disheartening and our law enforcement personnel and their behaviors have gotten so far out of control and something drastic has to be done especially with details emerging that officers are in violation of police policies.

It;s never a good thing when people who may have hidden agendas and are in roles of authority.  People must be mindful that this world we live is so sick with hatred and those who are filled with a hatred for another race, creed, gender or what have you will ALWAYS  be found out and what happens after that is definitely concern.

EarHustle411 will continue to keep to post updates as more details emerge about this case.

Source: [Video] USA Today

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