Safety Tips: Have You Ever Wondered What To Do If You Are In A Sinking Car? Timing Is Crucial

FYI: What To Do If You Are In A Sinking Car; Timing Is Crucial

With the recent flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and water being where is shouldn’t be, it should be to everyone’s concern about proper action in the case of our cars sinking in water.

To be frank, the majority of us do not know what to do when our car is submerging into water. Many of us who experience this situation will do exactly what we shouldn’t do and here’s why you should keep reading and prepare yourself for any situation.

They say the majority of people who experience a submerging car will roll up their windows expecting some sort of air bubble and dial 911 for help. This is wrong. Remember this, the first 30 seconds – 1 minute is CRITICAL in making it our safely.

Once the car submerges completely, it is too late to try and push the car door open. Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, advance researchers says, you have to make it out of the car before it completely sinks which means speed is crucial for survival.

With the help a dive team on ABC News, we are going to show you what can be done to escape such a scary moment.

Upon seconds of your car hitting water, you should remove your seatbelt and roll down your windows. Front seat passengers should exit through the front window within 10 seconds.

We should remember to do this quickly because if there are passengers in the back, water will be flowing in at an incredible rate.

If back seat passengers are in the car, they should also try to roll down the window and exit, but in some cars the backseat window will not work. If this happens, you should immediately exit the car after the other person.

If all proper action is taken, everyone should be safe in under 20 seconds. After the demonstration, the divers in the backseat said, “There was a real inflow of water and had to work against to get out but it can be done.”

So what about in the case of children being present in the car?



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