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Sad News!!! 90’s Boy’s Band Leader And French Model Quentin Elias Dies At 39


Quentin Elias, the leader of the popular 90s French boy band Alliage, died in his New York City home Thursday of a alleged heart attack. He was 39.

The news broke when a message was posted tohis Facebook page around 9 a.m. that reads:

Tomorrow a statement will be made on the announcement of the passing of “Quentin Elias” this is a very sad time for his family and fans around the world. Please be patient for the official press release as it will be posted here tomorrow. – MGMT 

As France Info reports, Elias pursued an acting career and appeared in various television shows, theatre and film. After leaving Alliage in 1999, he also tried to launch a solo career and relocated to New York City in 2002. According to Wikipedia he met disco legend producer Nile Rodgers who invited him to cover the Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” with Spike Lee. Wiki also notes Elias performed in gay clubs and events in New York City, like Splash Bar and Tom of Finland.

French website Les In Rocks republished a 2008 interview with the model in the wake of his death. The publication asked about his work with porn site Randy Blue.

“[W]hen I was in LA for my play Sunset Boulevard, I met Randy and was immediately hooked. He promised me that video and photos are made with taste and pros, so I trusted him. I always wanted to shock a bit and I can say that there is success!” he said.

He was later asked to comment about members of 90s boy bands who were in the closet, but Elias did not have much to say about the subject, but did say he is not gay.

Randy Blue has a profile on Elias, who goes by “Q” here. It reads:

Out of the darkness a figure emerges. Surrounded in mystery, he appears as if being plucked from time, the perfect specimen of manhood. Forged in steel and flesh, the physical embodiment of sexual heat. Who is this man in the golden mask? Where does he come from? It is a riddle that is yet to be solved. An enigma sent here to tease and tantalize you. He stands before you with a sculpted physique worthy of the greatest artist. You can’t tear your eyes away from those huge, muscular arms, decorated with intricate tattoos. And his legs, thick as tree trucks, the kind you would love to have wrapping around your body. His smooth dark skin glowing in the light. A set of hard pecs bulge out of his chest with a pair of hard nips that crave attention. Touching his flat stomach, his hand easily glides down to a well trimmed set of pubes perfectly framing his massive cock. A thick piece of meat that has a mind of it’s own. He strokes it so passionately that it causes the muscles in his arms, chest and abs to ripple with excitement. He lets go and it leaps up, as if demanding to be touched again. He slaps it a few times and it nearly drips with sexual frustration and ecstasy. And through it all, the look on his face, what…”

According to Randy Blue, the singer appears in two solo videos.

Alliage released two studio albums — the first “Alliage, l’abum” peaked at No. 9 in France. Elias put out his debut solo album in 2008 followed by three more full-lengths. He also released several EPs and singles, including four singles in 2013.

Watch Alliage’s music video for their song “Baila” below as well as Elias’ solo track “Lucy.”

Source: EdgeBoston.Com

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