Sad Day In Chicago: Within 12 Hours 7 People Were Fatally Shot On The City’s South Side

chicago crime scene

Photo Credit: Eric Clark/Chicago Tribune/Getty

Per WGN News, The pace of violence is once again accelerating on Chicago’s South Side.

Seven people were killed in just a 12-hour period in the city’s South Shore neighborhood.

New overnight are two shooting deaths, barely a block from the South Shore Cultural Center.

Around 11 p.m. Thursday, a black Jeep pulled alongside a gray van on 71st Street and someone fired into the van, killing a woman in the front seat and a man in the back seat.

Police say the man was a known gang member. No one has been arrested.

A mother grieves over the deaths of her two sons, whose only offense may have been witnessing a double murder.

Thursday afternoon, a man walked into the restaurant at 75th and Coles where Dana Jackson, and shot and killed two men. Dana’s sons, 19-year-old Raheem and 20-year-old Dylan, had come to visit her at the restaurant — they were gunned down outside the restaurant.

Less than a mile west, Patrice Calvin was fatally shot in the head. Calvin was four-months pregnant with her first child.

Her brother found her body in her third-floor apartment.

Mayor Emanuel reacted angrily to the shootings. He said there is a level of evil and depravity in people who would shoot a pregnant woman and sons in front of their mother.

Police are investigating. There are no suspects in custody.

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