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Rumor Control: Black Women Are Not Boycotting Black Panther Movie, They Are In Great Support Of It

A rumor has circulated that black women are boycotting the Marvel movie “Black Panther” due to one of the Actors Michael B Jordan’s choice of who he’s dating.

This couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth.  #BlackTwitter went wild about black women boycotting the movie because he chose to date a woman that was not black.  The woman he’s dating is the beautiful Aslyn Castro who happens to be Latino.

#Black Twitter discovered that the rumor was bogus after they found out a Twitter Troll started the rumor and set the record straight.  Black women are not that insecure or desperate that they would deliberately try to ruin the opening day debut over a man and who he chooses to love.

Once the rumor started, it took on wings of its own and social media and the blogs took it to a whole other level to the point where main stream media started sharing it.

Black women have power for sure, look at how they changed the trajectory of history with the senatorial election in Alabama where Roy Jones lost his seat due to the fact that black women stuck together and voted against him.

The sad thing about this rumor is that black women are in strong support of this movie; just the mere fact that there is a black super hero is enough to make black people a bit proud because this is long overdue.


Image result for pictures of black the panther character


Although there are a few ignorant people that think black women are so weak minded that they made tweets indicating black women were going to lose their minds and not support the movie, this was quite the contrary, Black women are not only supporting the movie but they still love Michael B. Jordan.

Go check out Black Panther at a theater near you, showing February 18, 2018.

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