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Ronald Ritchie The 911 Caller Indicted For Lying To Police Before They Shot And Killed John Crawford In Walmart

Fairborn Municipal Court Judge Beth Root has just decided that there is in fact probable cause to prosecute Ronald T. Ritchie for lying to a 9-1-1 dispatcher about John Crawford, in August of 2014.


photo credit: Counter Current News

Shortly after Ritchie’s call from the Beavercreek, Ohio Walmart on Pentagon Avenue, John Crawford III was gunned down by Officer Sean Williams who entered the store armed with an AR-15 assault rifle and ready for nothing short of war, based on Ritchies lies.

Crawford was shot by police in an aisle of the Beavercreek Walmart on August 5, 2014. He was legally holding a BB gun that he picked up off the shelf of the Walmart at the time.

Local WDTN News reports the following:

Nine citizens filled out affidavits — that were delivered to the court on March 25. Judge Root found in those affidavits that probable cause does exist to prosecute Ritchie for the accusation of making false alarms — a first degree misdemeanor.

Affidavits questioned on whether or not there was enough to prosecute him on charges related to inducing violence, inducing panic, involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide — all of which were dismissed as not having enough probable cause.

The call from Ritchie came into Beavercreek’s 9-1-1 dispatch center.

“…there is a man walking around in the store with a gun waving and pointing at people.” The dispatcher asked, “What does he look like?” To which the caller answers, “Black male about 6 feet tall…”

Ronald Ritchie was inside the Beavercreek Walmart. He made this call to 911 after seeing Crawford.

Local Black Lives Matter activist, Talis Gage writes: “RONALD RICHIE INDICTED ON FALSE CALL” thanking affidavits from a number of local activists, as leading to this point.

Source: Counter Current News

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