Roland Martin Responds To Snoop Dogg’s Rant And Gives Him The Business And Challenges Him To Put Up Or Shut Up

WOW!! Roland Martin came with the thunder in his commentary about Snoop Dogg’s rant regarding the TV mini-series Roots.  EarHustle411 posted a few days ago Snoop’s video of how he is tired of movies about slavery and how he was not going to watch that sh*t and we need to have films made that showcase the successes of blacks.  Of course we all have a choice of whether we will watch or not.  Like it or not slavery whether against blacks or any other non-white group of people is part of history and if we are not embracing our history we are for certain destined to repeat it.   However Roland Martin pretty much read Snoop from one side to the other while breaking down some black history and challenged him to put up or shut up.

roland martin

photo credit: video screenshot

He basically said put your money where your mouth is Snoop and be a contributing vessel to get the movies made that you’d like to see because as of right now your most “impressive” contribution to black films is Soul Plane…OUCH!!  Not only did Roland’s commentary drive a point home, he ended is with a classic “fo shizzle, my nizzle”!!  (drops the mic)

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