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Rogue California Cops Arrested For Stealing Cars

It’s no wonder people are not very trusting of the police, some not all are abusing the privileges of their badges and unfortunately that abuse only is placed on people who are most likely in predicaments that would make them leery of speaking up and they are afraid of more harassment from the police.  Either way the relation between “the people” and “the police” is so strained all over the country that the strategies to repair it is fruitless.

Check out this story as reported by The Free Thought Project:

California Cops Arrested for Stealing Hundreds of Cars from Poor People









KING CITY, Calif. — Police officers in a Central California town took part in a scheme in which cars belonging to poor Hispanic people were impounded, towed and later sold or given away for free to some officers when the car owners couldn’t pay the fees, authorities said Tuesday.

Four officers — including the recently retired police chief and the acting chief in King City — have been arrested, and two others were also arrested Tuesday on unrelated charges, Monterey County District Attorney Dean Flippo said.

The probe revealed that more than 200 vehicles had been impounded and that 87 percent had been taken in by the same towing company.

In some cases, authorities said, officers simply kept the cars for their own use.

The four officers tied to the alleged car theft scheme have each been charged with bribery, accepting a bribe or embezzlement. They are Sgt. Bobby Javier Carillo, Acting Chief Bruce Edward Miller, former Chief Dominic David Baldiviez and Mario Alonso Mottu Sr.



Source: Free Thought Project, (Video) CBS NEWS



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