Robert Newhouse Former Dallas Cowboy Dies At 64

I must say 2014 has really been seeing its share of death.  The Dallas Cowboys has lost one of their own,  Running Back Robert Newhouse is dead at age 64 after he lost his battle with heart disease.  Earhustle411 and the writing staff send our condolences to the Newhouse and Dallas Cowboys families.

Read about Robert Newhouse a reported by Fox News:

Former Dallas Cowboy Robert Newhouse dies at 64


Former Dallas Cowboys running back Robert Newhouse died Tuesday at the age of 64 after battling heart disease, his son, Rodd, told FOX 4.  Newhouse’s wife, two sons and two daughters were surrounding him when he died at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

“He fought to the very end, no quit,” said Rodd.

Newhouse was born in Longview, TX and went on to play football at the University of Houston before being drafted by the Cowboys in the 1972 NFL Draft.  He was nicknamed “The House” and “The Human Bowling Ball” because he was smaller than most running backs, but had massive thighs.  Newhouse played in three Super Bowls, winning Super Bowl XII against the Denver Broncos.

He retired in 1983 and suffered a stroke in 2010.

“House was a great football player,” NFL Hall of Famer and former Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach told FOX 4 on Tuesday.  “Off the field, he was a great man, kind and caring, solid as a rock. He played fullback, tailback, you name it when we needed it.”

“I got to the Cowboys in 1991,” former Cowboy Russell Maryland told FOX 4. “Us young guys, when we got to the Cowboys, looked up to House. He always gave sage advice; he wasn’t too animated, but he was wise. Guys didn’t always follow his advice, but he gave good advice.”

Source: Fox News


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