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Rita J, Hip Hop Soul Humanitarian


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The description of her musical sound is actually left up to the listener, suggesting that she composes music for vast audiences. Growing up amongst the violence of Southside Chicago, Rita J was still able to manage a healthy fifteen years in the industry, promoting knowledge and power along the way.

When asked what would be a personal uniqueness about herself, she replies with, “it is probably something I am unaware of but others notice”. Her style, her flavor and her flow all points towards a quality that was once the very foundation of the industry; that being Hip Hop Soul. When you are able to bring forth music that is not necessarily targeted at a particular audience but skillful enough to peak interests of different genres, then longevity is the only result of such an ability.

Anything genuine enough to make an impact within her life inspires yet motivates her to strive for much more than what is generally presented to us; stemming from personal relationships to art forms. No matter what her schedule might entail, there is not one day that she lets go by without listening to music. With that being said her advice to the up and coming would be to study and practice your craft daily; your approach should be to be as creative as possible.

It seems as though Humanitarian is on her to do list, as the knowledge she is able to obtain she so willingly gives back to the community. Such a passionate concern about the health and wellness of others, which can be heard through her music. Rita J in fact does what she loves to do within her musical stance, seeing as though if she was not involved in music she would simply be doing the same exact things; working hard, earning a living and creating.

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With more so a reminder then an actual message Rita J suggests that at the end of the day staying positive and loving each and all are vital. The emcees life experiences serve as an interpretation of recognized talents, beauty and strength; her self reflection is for others to now grasp upon and learn from. Make sure to check out her latest project “Lost Time”


“There is no female rap industry, there is only one game and we are just not being represented properly”

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