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Retail Store On Chicago’s South Side Hit By Flash Mob Robbery

flash mob robbery

Chicago police are looking for more than a dozen people who acted together to steal thousands of dollars in clothes from a store on the city’s south side last week.

Late last afternoon on Thursday, police say nearly 20 people went into the K&G Fashion Superstore at 75th and Stony Island in the city’s Grand Crossing neighborhood.

About 17 people in all came in with their own empty bags, oilled them up then tried to take off. Some were successful, others were not.

The entire incident was captured on security video.

Chicago police aren’t saying much about its investigation, only that this was an isolated incident and it’s working with the community to catch the thieves.

Police are asking for anyone with information to contact them or call crime stoppers or 800-883- 5587.

Source: WGNTV


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