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Rest In Paradise: Artis “Double AC” Chapman, One Of The Good Ones

Artis Chapman

Normally I wouldn’t post something personal but in this case I am going to make an exception because I want to share my friend with you and make a plea at the same time.

A week ago my other “family” the Blok Club DJs Inc lost a very dear friend and affiliate.  His name was Artis Chapman affectionately known as “Dre”.  Now you may say what makes this person so special that it warrants a full-scale post on Earhustle411.  I’ll tell you why, the media outlets are always reporting and posting all of the negative things going on in the world and there are still some good people around.

People that are so good that when they are called home to be with God, it’s like having your heart ripped from your chest it hurts so much.  So if I may have the platform to share with you the impact Artis Chapman has had on those that knew him and the  legacy that this FANTASTIC person has left.  On this journey, it is my goal to introduce you to my dear friend and hopefully you’ll agree with me that God’s blessings for us lives through the people that we meet.

I’ve known Artis for many years and through our dealings we had become very dear friends.  When I became a member of Blok Club DJs, Inc, I had the pleasure of “reconnecting” with him.  It was like we never lost contact.  Here is a person that had been part of the entertainment industry for majority his whole life and in the short years I’ve known “Dre” he was always the most positive and inspiring person you’d ever want to meet.

Dj Slugo & Ben One

“Dre” used his talent with music, producing and photography as a platform for social awareness.  When he created the DOT.COM Models, he didn’t just take photos of pretty young ladies.  They went out and performed community service and strutted their stuff in various events in and around the Chicago area.  My daughter Martrise was very fortunate to have experienced her “return” to the modeling world through her admission as a DOT.COM Model.  Although I was concerned with the types of photos she would be taking, Artis assured me that he would take great care of her.  If the image was not appropriate for his own daughter he wouldn’t use it and he applied that same “fatherly” concern with my daughter as the other models as well.

In addition to “Dre” going out feeding the homeless with the models, he created personalized community service campaigns that would flood Facebook on a daily basis.  It’s too many to name but my favorite was the “Don’t Shoot, Stop Tha Violence” photo Public Service Announcements in 2010 and unfortunately in 2014 we need those PSAs more than ever now.

stop tha violence psa

Artis’ passion for helping people should be put in a bottle and given away because he would go out of his way to do things for people when he knows it was not necessary.  His philosophy was “if God says for me to do it, then who am I to say no!!”

artis chapman

“Dre'” was a very private person and he gave a little bit of himself away everyday.  He credits his BEST PHOTO of his life being a beautiful photo of his mother.  He introduced his Facebook Family to her and I must say it was well GRAND introduction.


artis chapman's mother

I could go on forever talking about my friendship with Artis Chapman however I do want to bring to your attention how he managed to get the call to glory.  Artis made his transition and received his wings due to Congestive Heart Failure.  He had a massive heart attack, he was so very young.

I want to urge the Earhustle411 Family to get your yearly physical, when you don’t feel well to go to the doctor and for the men, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put aside your pride and make your health a priority…..YOUR LIVES DEPENDS ON IT!!! (click on the link for health information)

Congestive Heart Failure Info

I am going to miss my dear friend, I am so grateful to God for allowing me to be a part of his life.  He’s the lucky one m not to glorify death but he is with THE CREATOR, so no more worries, troubles and sickness.  Just HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY!!  I am SO certain THAT had he still been living Earhustle411 would have solidified a great working relationship with him.

Thank you Earhustle411 Family for allowing me to share my friend and some of his legacy with you.


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