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Republicans Want President Obama Restricted From Using Air Force One


Republicans hate Obama. They hate him so much that they’ve lost all perspective. In the red mist that falls over their eyes when thinking about the President of the United States, they are now advocating the near-total destruction of the executive branch if it means Barack Obama may be inconvenienced for the next two years – and hinder the government’s functionality for the rest of time. They think that’s a fair trade.

In the screeching hissy fit the GOP is throwing over Obama’s actions on immigration – just the latest in a long line of perceived slights that conservatives have responded to with characteristically overblown emotional reactions – the party has made it clear that the next two years will be extremely personal. A vendetta that has been simmering for six years will finally be enacted with the new-found strength in numbers after a strong midterm showing.

If you voted for Republicans in your state and assumed that when they took the House and Senate they would get down to business and start legislating, consider this: rather than writing up bills or discussing pending legislation, the idea of cutting funding to Air Force One so President Obama can’t use it is being seriously considered by Republicans in Washington.

In fact, the number of ways to personally attack Obama reads like a sadist’s guide to Medieval torture devices. Each politician has his or her preferred method.

The Washington Post reports:

Late Tuesday, Rep. Paul C. Broun (R-Ga.) called for Boehner to not invite Obama to deliver the State of the Union address next year. Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) suggested that the budgets for White House operations, including for Air Force One, should be decreased. Other conservatives have mentioned censuring the president, impeaching him or suing the administration over its immigration actions.

“I’d rather defund Air Force One,” Huelskamp said. “Congress took a 19 percent cut on its budgets — we should do the same for the White House.” On the State of the Union, he added: “In the spirit of George Washington, he could send it to us in writing. It’d save some time.”

Yes. George Washington delivered his address in writing and if you quickly skip over the next two centuries and ignore the last 16 presidents why does Obama need to give a speech, anyway? What a narcissist!

Furthermore, George Washington never used Air Force One. When he needed to fly somewhere he had to wait 120 years for planes to be invented like the rest of us. Now Obama thinks he needs to fly to China to discuss trade deals? What a tyrant!

Not to be outdone, Texas’ newly-elected governor, Greg Abbot (R), announced this week that he plans to sue Obama on behalf of his state. That’s his first concrete plan as governor. Not job growth. Not budgetary considerations. A lawsuit against Obama. You could say that lawsuits are Abbot’s personal favorite method of inflicting pain. Since Obama took office in 2009, Abbot has sued the federal government 30 times. Suing Obama over immigration will be his 31st.

After the midterm election “Republican wave,” the party was eager to claim that America had given it a mandate to push Republican policies. Setting aside the dubious nature of that suggestion, the one thing we can all be certain of is that Americans – Republican, Democrat, or Independent – didn’t put them in office so they could spend their terms settling scores with Obama in petty bids to outdo one another in childishness.

It’s almost unfathomable to consider just how ugly the Republican Party has gotten recently. The party that once shutdown the United States government to stomp its feet over Obamacare (but swears it won’t shutdown the government again to stomp its feet over immigration) is completely cool with defunding the Executive Branch because they don’t like the guy sitting in the Oval Office. It’s no wonder the rest of the world takes one look at American politics and shakes its head.


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