Release Levar Allen Or Arrest The White Girl Too; The Call Is Made For Punishments To Be Fair For All People

I would like punishments for crimes, based on race, to change. If 2 people, of different race, commit the same exact crime their punishment should be the same, unless the accused has a longer criminal history then the other. That’s the only time the punishment for the same crime should be different. You can’t arrest one because he’s black and let the other go because they’re white or give them a shorter punishment because of their race.


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This is 2016 and everyone deserves to be treated equally. We (black people) work, pay taxes, get our educations, plan and achieve goals, raise our families and put our pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else, etc. Stop treating us like our lives don’t matter. Stop giving us harsh sentences for petty crimes while you’re letting white people go due to the so called “White Privilege” that we see, read, and hear about every single day. A few days ago, a 17 year old black boy Levar Allen was arrested in Bossier City, La because a 16 year old white girl sent him a nude video, he sent one back, the parents discovered the video on her phone and called police.

Allen and this girl attend the same school and the sending of the video was obviously consensual. So why was he arrested and charged with Child Pornography?? If those videos are the reason, she also had the one of him on her phone and don’t forget the fact that she sent him a video of herself first, so why wasn’t she arrested?? He’s still a child. He’s 17 sexting a 16 year old, it happens everyday whether we like it or not. The news showed Allen’s photo, mentioned that he’s a very good Athlete in 3 sports, has his first and last name along with his city & state and age but it fells to mention anything about the 16 year old other than they attend the same school, her age and her race. When did she become the victim?? Are there any victims when sending consensual videos or texts??

Why is he being treated like a criminal when she sent the first video?? They are both kids doing the same thing but one is black and the other white. Why did he deserve to go to jail, while she’s free and probably being treated as if she was a victim taken advantage of?? Really?? Because that’s not how I see it. When has this become a crime worthy of arrest for Child Pornography?? Allen should be released from jail with all charges dropped and he deserves an apology Or the 16 year old should be arrested as well. Also it was never said that Allen shared this video with anyone but her parents saw it on her phone, so will any charges be brought upon them?? That’s considered child pornography too right??

What part of the laws apply to blacks but exonerate whites?? Stop trying to ruin this kid’s life to prove some sort of worthless point because it’s not going to stop anything. Children all over the world will continue to send pictures and videos like this. Why?? Because times have changed, parents aren’t monitoring their kid’s behaviors and phone activists like they should and simply because everyone else is doing it. Now unless law makers are prepared to build juvenile detention centers in every parish to house the thousands maybe millions of teenagers that are sexting, I say release 17 year old Levar Allen or Arrest the 16 year old female that willingly participated.





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