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Recruit For The Bulls…Derrick Rose Won’t Do It..He Says “That’s Not My Job!!”

Now I am not the biggest sports fan, however I am ALL CHITOWN!! What the heck is Derrick Rose’s issue?  Here we have some major players going free agent and potentially looking at coming to the Chi to play.  Considering that the Bulls regular season states were 48 wins and 34 losses, you would think that “Mr Chicago Bull” would want the help out there on the floor or maybe is he thinking that his “comeback” needs to be about him and not recruiting the “competition”.   I think Derrick Rose has spoken and if I were Carmelo Anthony I wouldn’t entertain a meeting!!!

Derrick Rose still won’t help Bulls recruit

Derrick Rose

The Bulls are scheduled to meet with Carmelo Anthony as soon as the free agency period kicks off at 11 p.m. CST, but if they were hoping to have Derrick Rose as part of the recruiting welcome wagon, well, think again.

Showing up at the Drew Gooden Foundation Basketball Camp in California on Sunday, the 2011 MVP reiterated that recruiting elite talent to join him was “not my job.”

“My thing is if they want to come, they can come,” Rose told Yahoo Sports. “I love Melo’s game. He’s a great player. Takes the game serious. He’s consistent. He shoots the ball great. I love his heart.

“I can play with anybody, no matter who it is. I believe I can play with anyone if they step on the court with me.”

The comments from Rose come as a bit of a surprise, especially with reports that Rose had informed Anthony’s camp that he was all in on the Knicks All-Star playing alongside Rose and Joakim Noah to form their own Big Three.

And while Rose’s attitude on recruiting has always been backed by the front office and his teammates, the supposed face of the franchise didn’t do anyone a favor with again drawing that mentality in the sand. Especially when Noah, who has as much pride as anyone on the roster, didn’t feel it was below him to court Anthony, doing so at the All-Star Game and as often as he could throughout the second half of the season.

Rose also told Yahoo Sports that USA Basketball was still up in the air, and would be decided on by himself and agent B.J. Armstrong.

“If we both agree on it, we’re good,” Rose said. “If not, there is nothing wrong with saying no.”

Rose is coming off right knee surgery after playing just 10 games since April 2012, when he tore his left anterior cruciate ligament.

The idea that Team USA is up in the air would seemingly be a different plan than the Bulls have for Rose, however.

“Derrick’s doing great,” coach Tom Thibodeau said on Thursday. “He’s preparing for the next step, which is he’ll practice with the Summer League team, and then Team USA, and then we’ll go from there.”

Source: Chicago SunTimes


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