Reality TV Star Teresa Giudice Does Some Hanging Out Before She Has To Turn Herself Into The Authorities

teresa giudice

Teresa Giudice went with her family on a ski trip as her last family gathering before she has to turn herself in on January 5th. They went on a ski trip to Crystal Springs resort and spa and apparently she was there drinking fireball shots and she even ran into the twins from the show.

There is a new reality show for the Giudice family. Gia Giudice has a singing group called 3KT and they are getting their own show that shows the process of the girl group getting together. The girl group had a Christmas song recently where they wore too much makeup and they looked like twenty year old women. It’s a little too much. I wonder how their Christmas went because I bet it was very emotional for Teresa. I feel bad for her. I’m really hoping it’s like Orange Is The New Black because that doesn’t seem like jail it was more like high school but you’re stuck there. I wonder if she is going to be by herself because everyone knows she’s a celebrity. How does that work? I bet you she’ll write a book and release it when she gets out…

What do you think it’s going to be like for her?

Source: Snooki Nicole

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