R&B Singer Joe Talks About R.Kelly Trying To Sabotage His Career ( Video Inside)


Joe is speaking out against R. Kelly, claiming the R&B singer once tried to sabotage his career.

Speaking with DJ Vlad, Joe alleges the problems began back in the day when Kelly said he wouldn’t work with people who played Joe’s music.

“It’s funny because I was getting credible information from [program directors] and friends of mine as well. This guys had no idea these were my friends as well that you are talking to. And, as if they are really going to stop playing my record because you said if you don’t stop playing his record I’m never going to come back to this show,” he explained.

“It was really one of those things like you can’t really be serious.”

He goes on to say that it’s more than just hearsay and gives himself a pat on the back for leaving his own mark on the industry.

“To me though it’s still alleged,” he added, “because I have facts on it, But…there’s no possible way I would allow that to happen because of the relationships I built in the industry as well. No one man has all that power. Trust me when I tell you.”

Joe feels that the whole issue started because of jealousy.

“I think sometime when you feel a little bit of that threat, someone in that lane. When you got that lane wide open you can drive how you want to. It;s like you’re the only on that land and the only allowed to drive on that lane. But, then here I am on that bumper and Im tapping you a a little bit like, ‘Move!’ Like, ‘You’re not the only one here. You’re hogging he lane up.’ I think that was what it was. It was a little bit of a threat not hat side.”

It’s not all beef. Joe says he still respects R. Kelly and his career.

Check out the clip below!

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