R&B Diva Newcomer LaTavia Roberson Talks About Beyonce And Life After Destiny Child


LaTavia still has a lot of love for Destiny’s Child and she’s sharing the good memories from her time in the group.

The “R&B Divas” star revealed to Bossip.com that she’s always been a huge supporter of her former band, and she’s got noting but respect for its lead singer Beyonce.

“She’s like one of my she-ros. Real talk,” LaTavia confessed, adding that it’s hard for her to pick out her favorite Destiny’s Child song. “The Destiny Fulfilled album was my ish. I love ‘She Can’t Love You.’ I love ‘So Good.’ I like the songs that weren’t played on the radio. I’m one of those people.”

Despite her rather abrupt dismissal from the group, the TV One reality star has chosen to retain the positive things from her time in it. “There’s a fact that I hold onto, and that fact is that we were friends and we did grow up together,” said LaTavia. “It was great to be able to tour the world and to experience that being that young with people that you actually knew.”

She added, “It was real. It was us. It was great.”

Another thing that was real were LaTavia’s checks from the band! While many assumed that she was totally broke after being in DC, she had something that allowed her to continue making money from their music.

“I was a writer on both albums, so I definitely had my writing residuals,” LaTavia explained. In the days after getting booted from Destiny’s Child, she also went home to help her mother with her sick grandparents.

“I was always okay, and I learned a lot during that time,” LaTavia concluded. “What I learned the most is that, no matter what, God is always going to take care of me. I truly believe that.”

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