R&B Artist Michel’le Speaks Out About Her Ex-Husband Suge Knight’s Recent Troubles


“Dr. Dre would have never met Suge Knight there,” Michel’le says.

While she says she hasn’t been in consistent communication with the Death Row Records founder for years, Suge Knight’s ex-wife Michel’le weighed in on his current legal crisis in an interview with VladTV.

“I don’t know that Suge,” she said. “I don’t know the last ten-years Suge other than the fact that he stalks me to be in his daughter’s life.”

The former World Class Wreckin’ Cru singer added on, calling Knight’s recent charges “ironic” in light of his troubled past.

“I think it’s ironic,” she said. “A man goes through his whole life with all these speculatory things that have happened. And just in that split second, that’s the decision that actually sums up your whole entire life. You’ve been served fifteen lives. You’ve been to prison, done prison time, you’ve been shot an enormous amount of times, you beat jail time a lot, and then all of a sudden, in a split second, something that you probably didn’t even intend to do happened. It’s just ironic.”

Michel’le, who has a daughter with Suge Knight and son with Dr. Dre, went on to dismiss the possibility that Dre was at the scene of the crime.

“Dr. Dre would have never met Suge Knight there,” she said. “I know Dre—I did know Dre. And I don’t think that part of Dre’s changed. He is not gonna meet Suge in Compton. Right? That just doesn’t make any sense.”

Michel’le is currently starring in the TV One reality series R&B Divas: LA. Last month she spoke with People about her relationship with Suge Knight and his presence in their daughter’s life. “When I was with [Suge], he was in prison for six years, which was most of the time we were together because we were only together for eight, and then [he was in prison for] another six months when she was born,” she said.  “[Bailei] hasn’t connected the dots, and that’s okay for me right now because by that time we’ll be able to work through it, and I’m happy about that.”

Source: Hip Hop DX

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