Ray & Janay Rice: The “Excuses” Behind The Punch Felt Around The World

ray and janey rice


The details surrounding Ray Rice’s infamous elevator incident against his wife Janay are finally being revealed by the couple.

In an interview with New York magazine, Janay opened up about what happened on Valentine’s Day as she revealed that Ray’s focus on his career put a strain on their relationship.

“It was definitely frustrating. It was hard knowing I wasn’t his first priority,” Janay said while adding that the situation continued to heighten once she gave birth to their daughter Rayven. At the time, Rayven kept Janay up at night from not getting much sleep.

“I felt I was doing everything by myself,” Janay said. “After a while, I resented that. I felt like a walking zombie. I told Ray he needed to change more diapers.”

Janay’s concerns apparently went unheard as Ray made more excuses to stay away from home, including booking charity engagements on his only day off.

“I get home, I’m spent. There’s no time to talk. ‘I got practice the next day,” Ray told the magazine, adding that communication suffered between he and Janay as things got worse.

“It got to the point where if she had an issue, I would basically just go silent,” he said.

“There wasn’t a lot of yelling, screaming, nothing. I would just wake up, go to practice. Then game day gets here. I’d rush for three touchdowns. The family’s over at the house. She’s still got that problem she’s thinking about. And I think, I scored three touchdowns today. Everything’s all right.”

In Janay’s eyes, “That’s not what a man does.”

“I know what a man is supposed to be. I know how a man acts in a relationship,” she recalled telling Ray. “I know what a father is. I experienced it.”

The couple’s drama eventually came to a head the night of the elevator incident. According to Janay, she got upset with Ray, who chose to go to a group celebration with his half-brother, his girlfriend and another couple at the Revel Casino instead of spending time with his then fiancé.

“It was an annoyance to me,” Janay said. “I was a little perturbed, though I didn’t communicate that to him.”

Janay’s silence for the entire three-hour car ride to Atlantic City, New Jersey ultimately came undone as her and Ray started arguing after having a few drinks.

“We were drunk and tired,” she said.

From there, the incident occurred, with Ray knocking Janay unconscious in the hotel elevator. Realizing what he did, Ray sent a text to his mother, alerting her to what happened.

“Ma, I made a huge mistake,” he recalled the text saying. “I’m probably going to go to jail tonight.”

The Rice’s New York magazine interview comes more than a year after the incident, which resulted in Ray’s termination from the Baltimore Ravens and an indefinite suspension by the NFL. In December, the athlete became a free agent that is eligible to play with any in the league that’s willing to sign him.

Source: Black America Web

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