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Rapper T.I Calls Out Don King, Calls Him Uncle Ruckus & A poor Excuse For A Black Man

Rapper T.I Calls Out Don King, Calls Him Uncle Ruckus & A poor Excuse For A Black Man

The infamous Don King, former boxing promoter who’s known for his unique hair as well as his involvement in historic boxing matchups has done the ultimate No No!

Don King who is a well-known Republican has thrown his bid in for Donald Trump.  King recently made an unexpected appearance at a rally being organized for presidential candidate Donald Trump in which he disgraced the black community like no other.

He referred to blacks as Negros at least 5 times while addressing a predominately white church audience all while laughing and showing his gums. This is a term some use to describe a black person who will sell their soul to the devil if it will allow them to fit into white America.

He started out by saying, ” I told Michael Jackson if you are poor, you are a poor Negro and if you are rich, you are a rich Negro.  (Audience sighs)

He then said,” if you are intelligent or intellectual, you are an intellectual Negro.  If you are a dancing, sliding and dancing Ni**er, I mean Negro then you are a dancing, sliding and dancing Negro.”  He goes on and on with the insults.

See video below:


And when you’re a spineless soul-selling COON…. You’re a spineless soul-selling COON-NEGRO!!!! U old Steven Off Django, Uncle Ruckus in real life, Hate-the-skin-U-In,Poor excuse for a Black Man,Willie Lynch endorsing ass COON!!!! Just look at how those rich privileged white men laughing in satisfaction AT U,because you’re so lost in your own selfishness that you’d(even at this fragile state that the nation is in)SELL YOUR OWN PEOPLE OUT!!!! You’re a fucking disgrace to ALL GENERATIONS of black people,young and old. Your family,friends,and ancestors should be ashamed to claim your STUPID ASS!!! Now I see why @miketyson @floydmayweather #MuhammasAli & all your fighters ran your ass outta boxing…. WE as a people deserve better!!!! #DonCoon

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