Rapper 50 Cent to Stand Trial on May, 26th for Putting Sex Tape of Woman on YouTube

Rapper 50 Cent to Stand Trial on May, 26th for Putting Sex Tape of Woman on YouTube

50 Cent will stand trial in June for placing a sex tape of a woman on YouTube, according to multiple media sources.

The video of a young Florida woman, naked and having sex, received 3.2 million hits.

But the story is deeper than that… says the New York Daily News. The woman – Lastonia Leviston – is said to be a former girlfriend of fellow rapper Rick Ross. In addition, Leviston has a child from Ross.

Paul Wooten, a Manhattan Supreme Court Justice, told 50’s lawyers the trial would go on in June, despite his request to have it in October. Apparently, 50 wanted everyone to juggle their schedules to meet his busy one.

Jury selection begins May 26, with a two-week trial after selection is complete.

The whole situation began back in 2010, when Leviston sued 50 foremotion distress after he posted the video, which showed her having sex with a former boyfriend named Maurice Murray.

Court docs indicate that Murray actually gave 50 the tape in 2009 because 50 recognized Leviston as the girlfriend of Ross, who was at the time, 50’s rival.

To get Ross’s goat, 50 allegedly inserted himself in the video as the one having sexual relations with Leviston. She claims that theemotional trauma and mental distress was so hard on her, that she contemplated suicide.

The judge still has more work to do before the trial begins. Apparently there are some emails and deposition material thatboth sides want stricken and not used as evidence in the trial.



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