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Racists Spray Paint KKK & NI**er on White Mans $50K Dollar Truck For Having Black Friends

Racists Spray Paint KKK & NI**er on  White Mans $50K Dollar Truck For Having Black Friends

Josh Joseph went to visit his good friends Darren and Hayli Frank in Spring, Texas, just north of Houston, for the 4th of July weekend. He never expected that he was going to be offending anyone in the neighborhood by doing so. For the record, Josh is black, and his friends are white. They were celebrating the holiday out in their front yard, and one of their neighbors likely saw their black guest. When they woke up the next morning, the Franks’ $50,000 truck was covered in racist vulgarities that the vandals had spray-painted.

The Franks live in a pretty nice neighborhood. They never thought that they would be the victims of a hate crime, especially not in their area. But, as people are finding out, racism is everywhere, including places you’d least expect to find it. Even though the Franks lived in a decent area overall, Texas is ranked as the most racist state in the nation, with more KKK chapters residing there than any other state in the nation.

Darren Frank, who always leaves his truck in the driveway, said:

“They put KKK all over it. I have no affiliation with the clan whatsoever!

My black friend, he’s been here for two days. Me and him hung out in the yard and just mowed the grass and hanging out around the house yesterday. We woke up this morning and he goes, ‘Man you need to go look at your truck!’”

Josh drove down for the weekend because he was in the process of looking for a job in the area. He was thankful he had good friends that were able to provide him with a place to stay for just a few days. But, after this has happened, he no longer feels welcome.

“I was mostly shocked. I’m supposed to be moving here soon. And that’s what I see on there. I was about to leave. I felt like I wasn’t wanted here.”

Darren’s wife, Hayli, weighed in on the situation:

“He felt like it was his fault. And, I don’t want him to feel that way. He’s always welcome in our home.”

To get off the hate speech written all over their vehicle, they drove to the nearest car wash. But, that proved to be a difficult thing to do. Onlookers thought that the Franks were racists and did that to their own truck.

They eventually were able to get off most of the paint with nail polish remover and some help from neighbors. But, instead of taking everything off, they converted the phrase “n***er lovers,” leaving on just the word “love.” That will surely send a strong message.




Source: Addictinginfo

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