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Racist White Woman Gets Hosed After She Calls A Black “N****r” [Video]

Ear Hustle 411 is always amazed at the behavior of people. Of course, we all have the right to our opinions, views, beliefs and such.  However, in the following video, we have to commend the man and his restraint after a woman called him a n****r while he was tending to his lawn.  We want our Ear Hustle 411 family to Be The Judge did the man handle this racist woman in a dignified manner or what do you think he should have done?

Take a look


Racism is alive and well, no matter how much Blacks try to get along or “fit in”, when will we ever grasp that WE are not welcomed.  The ignorant people like this woman truly has no idea why they don’t like blacks and they hide behind the racial slurs they spew at black people as if that’s going to make blacks leave.  If anything, continuing to calls black people names and showing how ignorant one can be is only going to make black people more adamant about being all up in their mix…just to show them YOU DO NOT WIN!!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lmb

    June 11, 2016 at 2:12 PM

    Black people fit in just fine.
    That racist piece of Sh!t is the one who doesn’t fit in.

    Love, some old white lady

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