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Racist White Girl Gets Her A** Handed To Her For Calling A Black Man Porch Monkey And Other Racial Slurs [Video]

EarHustle411 does not condone violence of any sort but we can certainly understand when a person has reach their breaking point and people who have this notion that they can spew words of hate and disrespect will eventually learn to sit their “entitled” hateful a** es down somewhere.  In a video EarHustle411 came across was recorded  back in 2015 however the contents are as relevant then as they are now in 2016.  What’s disturbing about the video is the young white girl freely spoke and called the young black man racial names like jiggaboo, porch monkey and a few other words and then continued to taunt him and said them again with no remorse.  Unfortunately the young man resulted to punching the girl for the words she spoke but there was no “reaction” from anyone around until he began to show her better than he could tell her he was no porch monkey.  It wasn’t a big deal while she was calling him racist names until he retaliated in the manner in which he did.

You be the judge…what would be your reaction if someone were calling you racist names?

At the end of the day, racism is a LEARNED behavior, it will never be a course one can sign up for.  It’s taught long before a child enters into a classroom.  The name of the game is very simple..it’s RESPECT!!  Had the tables been turned around and it was the young man calling the white girl racist names, there’s no telling the out pour of support she would’ve received.  There’s an old saying “stick and stone may break my bones but names can never hurt me” well whomever the author of that saying may be obviously was not black.

Source: Fly Height



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