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Racist Old White Lady Disrespects Young Black Kid Selling Candy In Front Of Walmart & Another Customer Buys All His Candy & Puts Her In Her Place

old lady insults young black entreprenuer3

Young black men have a hard time just trying to live in this world with constant abuse from the system which has caused many to turn on themselves as a means of survival.  Does this mean #BlackLives don’t matter?  Of course not.  If you put any group of people in an environment to fail and constantly harass abuse, incarcerate and deny them basic human rights, they too will turn against each other.

A young black kid is selling candy in front of Target and is confronted by an angry old lady who starts to belittle him by yelling and screaming at him for selling candy.  The kid is trying to  honestly earn a little extra cash.   She apparently was yelling at the kid when another customer comes out and tells her she should be ashamed of herself.  She then says, “I’m not ashamed of myself; you should be ashamed of yourself for being so ignorant.  You should see how they live all around the country.”

The customer then tells the kid to add up the cost of his candy and tells the old lady he’s buying all the kids candy and giving it away to customers.

She then got upset that the customer was helping out the kid and continued with her negative antics. 

I guess this old lady would prefer to follow the typical stereotypes and have the kid to snatch her purse as opposed to making an honest day’s pay. 


Check out the video below:



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