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Racism, Ageism Or Fed Up With Late Night Shenenagins – You Be The Judge

Everyday we encounter an experience that will make us raise our eyebrows, laugh, cry or simply shake our heads.  Well this time I can say it didn’t happen to me.   On this episode of You Be The Judge” I’ll post a detailed conversation of the situation word for word by the individual who wrote it.  This scenario comes from a Facebook user who experienced a case of blatant disrespect and hurtful customer service and possibly racism up close and personal.  If this were you what would you have done and would you remain a customer?

Disclaimer: All quoted text are NOT the views of Earhustle411, or their writing staff.  


Kevin “Djilpapap” Newell

“Kevin Djilpapa Newell

12 hours ago
I went to White Palace Grill on Canal St. last night with some family & friends and we were unhappy with the service. Not so much the service we received but how they treated a group of prom goers. When these kids (approx. 10) arrived in a stretch SUV limo in front of the restaurant of course everyone eyes gravitated to see who was getting out (the staff included). The kids (African-American) came in quietly and sat right behind us dressed in their prom clothes being very respectful and their conversation was not loud nor did I hear any offensive language from their table. White Palace Grill staff came out from everywhere to watch them. One heavy-set waitress (Caucasian) stood in front of us and mean mug their table the whole time they sat there. Two more wait staff and security made their way to the same spot and just watched the kids. The kids sat their 15 mins not one of the staring waitresses ask them were they ready to order nor even attempted to give them menus. Eventually the kids got up and left just as quietly as they came in. We talked to the restaurant manager and told him we were displease with how they treated those kids. He tried to defend the actions of his staff and him by judging these kids on what their other late night patrons have done. Needless to say I have patronize this business for over 20 years and I will no longer. I understand that the unruly late night crowd can be a handful which I have witnessed many of times but these kids were anything but that. “

Now this is not the first time I have heard about establishments doing something like this, whether here is Chicago or any place else.  So the question is have people become so rigid that when young people enter into to their place of business they are not given the courtesy of good service.  So here are a group of teens clearly trying to get a meal after a special occasion only to get ignored.  Personally I would have done the same thing, I would have left as well in addition to seeking representation.  While every business does have the right to refuse service however every business does not have the right to discriminate.   If your business gets the riff raff after certain hours then it would be my suggestion to analyze and decide if that is a time the business should be open.  What’s really heart wrenching about this is the establishment is a Chicago icon that has been featured on the popular show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network.  I wonder how they would feel if they knew this type of behavior took place here.



Well for me I can say that my money can be best spent some place else and as a consumer I rarely jump on a boycott bandwagon because it’s just something I don’t do however when blatant activity is exercised especially when nothing has been done wrong I must speak my peace.  This gentleman spoke with the restaurant’s manager and got nothing but excuses and accusations based on how the “crowd” is after hours, how is that the problem of the teens who just wanted to eat a burger, well it isn’t and unfortunately this may not be the last time this happens.

Quote published with permission of Kevin Newell from Facebook.com



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