R. Kelly Faced With IRS Legal Troubles With Claims He Owes $3.2M In Unpaid Taxes

R. Kelly is in over his head with his tax situation! The singer has just been hit with another tax lien, which brings him to owing a total of $3.2 million in taxes now!

Kelly needs to pay up soon or the government will take action and seize his assets and property!

Photo Credit: Sebastian Kim

Photo Credit: Sebastian Kim

R. Kelly had a new federal tax lien in October that states he owes $2,327,444.58 from 2014. Now he has been slapped with another lien from 2013 that totals $730,683.80. Just months ago, he also had a lien from 2012 for $191,614.35.

The singer has a long history of tax issues and his debt from 2005 to 2011 totals $6,227,767.

via Jasmine Brand:

“R. Kelly is accused of screwing over the government to the tune of $2.3 million dollars in unpaid taxes. Now, Uncle Sam is on the hunt for his property and assets to collect on their money — due to the singer’s grand tax debt rising to over $3.2 million dollars for multiple years.
The singer was hit with a brand new Federal Tax Lien on October 7th in Illinois. The official document shows the IRS accusing Kelly of screwing them out of $2,327,444.58 in taxes for the year 2014.

This year alone, the singer has been hit with multiple liens for unpaid taxes for several years. Recently he was hit with a separate Federal Tax lien accusing him of owing $730,683.80 for the 2013.

Several months prior, the IRS filed a lien for $191,614.35 for unpaid taxes for the year 2012. Both of those liens remain active and have yet to be released by the IRS, meaning the singer has not paid off the debt. The grand total for the three liens comes to $3,249,742.73

Kelly has a long history of troubles with Uncle Sam, being accused of screwing the IRS out of back taxes for multiple years. His total debt totaled $6,227,767 for unpaid Federal Taxes during the years 2005-2011.”

Wow! Kelly needs to get some new music out or a new job to knock down that amount owed!

Source: Dallas Black

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