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South Jamaica Queens New York Celebrates 365 Days Without One Shooting

South Jamaica Queens New York Celebrates 365 Days Without One Shooting

An initiative in Queens is marking a milestone.

There have been no reported killings or shootings in 365 days in the area of 111th and 118th Avenues between 146th St. and Guy R. Brewer Boulevard in South Jamaica.

Anti-violence group, LIFE Camp, has been going door to door to spread the message to young people that “peace is cool.”

“Outreach workers go out and work with young brothers who have the potential to be shot or to shoot someone and help them turn their lives around,” LIFE Camp Founder Erica Ford said. “Canvassing the community, talking to people, handing out publications and changing the norms of what usually exists in this community.”

Ford said it’s a model for other neighborhoods to follow.

“A lot of times when there’s so much violence you think, ‘nothing can be done. We can’t do nothing. We can’t change it,’” Ford said. “Something can be done, something can happen cause we’re an example.”

Carol Ann Lynch, whose son was shot to death 18 months ago, is part of the team working to help young people stay away from guns.

“This is therapeutic for me to get through my sorrow and my pain because I don’t want to see another parent go through what I’m going through,” Lynch said. “My son is gone but he left a legacy and 365 legacy of no shootings is my let out.”


Source:  Newyork.cbslocal

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