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Proper Roles?? Women Who Are Playing The Role Of Male And Female


I am not sure if tis the season, but as of late, I am hearing in the echo chamber how more and more ladies are convinced they don’t need a man. Albeit, they may have brought precious souls into the world and with many experiencing the absence of their father, I still hear some say, “I don’t need a man to do……….”

So it makes me think;  did some of these same ladies have that same thought process while conceiving? Did they tell themselves whether or not the father sticks around they will still be ok; or was this mentality triggered after pops had left the building?

Unfortunately, mom has to take on the role of the man and woman, but wait, is that even possible?   What ever happen to man meets woman, they date, they get engaged, they marry and finally they start a family; but more importantly, they stuck together through hell and high water?

Some people make the assertion those days are far gone and over with because a lot of men and women have dropped the ball of their proper roles.

What are those so called, roles? Well, that is another discussion.

Nevertheless, let’s entertain that thought to be true. Why have the roles of men and women changed? Why have the “traditional” roles of men and women finds itself in a vortex to a point of no return?

If it is one thing I can attribute to this sad state of affairs it’s because of the break down of the family unit-which brings home the point of the original roles of Men and Women. We need to hit the reset button and really think about the consequences or broken homes and dysfunctional family units.

Our future is in grave danger if we don’t get our acts together.

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