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Product Over Priority: A Never-Ending Saga In Urban America

Today was the release of “The Master” shoe by Nike and of course people lined long before the stores and malls opened to grab themselves a pair of the re-release of the Air Jordan 12.  News reports of tempers flaring are surfacing from areas where the stores stocked with the shoe had run out.   Anytime an item is marketed to the masses and there is not enough to meet the demand, it can and often will cause mass hysteria.  That is if the item is worth all of “hype” it gets with advertising.  What is it about an item that cost roughly about $5 to create and sell in excess of $150?

Of course people are free to spend their money on whatever they so desire, but it’s no secret that many people in urban areas who are standing in the lines are not financially sound to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of sneakers that depreciate before walking out the store doors or the cash register draw closes.   It’s “product vs. priority”!! 

air jordan 12

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Unfortunately we are in a time where “looking good” take precedence of a “living good” and many people especially our young people have this belief that they don’t have to put in the real work to get what they want.  All they have to do is have their parents put themselves in a bind to get them that “got have it right now” product.  Never mind that the bills are due and food in the fridge is low, whatever baby wants baby gets.

Whilst from the outside looking in, it’s somewhat easy to place blame elsewhere about the perils of violence that sometimes surrounds the Air Jordan brand, most would love to have its “master” speak out about it.

sports illustrated

photo credit: sports illustrated

Well it hasn’t happened in all these many years, it’s time to stop waiting on that press conference and take matters in your own hands.   The truth of the matter and the real deal is very simple, the focus must be shifted from the product to the priority.  The product cannot have movement when it is not the priority.

Something to think about!!

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