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Prisoner Arrested & Rode In Van With Freddie Gray Speaks Out Disputes Intentional Self Injury Claims By Police


The prisoner who was in the police van with Freddie Gray before his death has spoken out to contradict claims by investigators that Gray was trying to injure himself.

Donte Allen, 22, was next to Gray after he too was arrested on April 12 – but was kept in a separate part of the vehicle and separated from his fellow prisoner by a solid partition.

A Baltimore police report leaked to the Washington Post earlier this week quoted Allen as saying that Gray was ‘intentionally trying’ to hurt himself by bashing his head on the police van.

But Allen is disputing that version of events – and saying he heard only ‘little banging’ for about four seconds before Gray went quiet.

Today he told local news reporters he was angry about how his testimony has been used, and said that it was ridiculous that Gray would try to injure himself.

Allen also claimed police were aware of how severe Gray’s injuries were by the time they arrived at the police station – and even said Gray had no pulse when they arrived.

Ultimately, Gray lived for a week after the injury, but was declared dead in hospital on April 19.

Allen, who was arrested for an unspecified but minor offense, spoke out about his time next to Gray in an interview with local news station WBALTV.

Source: Farrah Gray

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