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Principal Caught In Backseat Of Car Allegedly Smoking Pot & Half Dressed


Police say a principal from a North Palm Beach Charter Highschool was caught with her shirt unbuttoned in the back of a car, allegedly smoking weed with another student.

According to a police report, Krista Morton, 45, and an 18 year old student were arrested after police received a 911 phone call for suspicious activity. The caller thought they were having sex or being attacked.

After police arrived to the vehicle in question, officers noticed Mortin’s shirt was unbuttoned leaving her chest exposed.

The principlal told officers that she picked up the teen at a nearby road because she was “lonely” and was trying to get to know the other person. However, the teen told cops another story, claiming he was a Mavericks Highschool student and that she was his principal.

Source: Farrah Gray

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