President Elect Donald Trump Says The US Would Be Reimbursed By Mexico For The Wall Built On Mexico-US Border

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President-elect Donald Trump said today that he would ask Mexico to reimburse the United States for the cost of building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump repeatedly insisted during his presidential campaign that Mexico would pay for a border wall, but he suggested in an October speech that Mexico could reimburse U.S. taxpayers for the project. Mexico has said it will not pay for the wall.

Incoming Trump administration press secretary Sean Spicer said in an interview on “Good Morning America” today, “The idea that we’re going through the appropriations process [in Congress] and figuring out how to pay for it shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody.”

House Republicans and Trump’s transition team are considering whether to tie funding for the wall to a broader, government-funding measure in the spring, which could make it difficult for Democrats to oppose appropriating money for the wall, according to Politico.

Republican leaders believe they may have authority to build the wall under a 2006 Bush-era border-wall measure that had been supported by Democrats, including then-Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York.

Spicer said today that Trump will negotiate with Mexico over paying for a wall.

“He’s going to continue to talk, whether it’s through higher tariffs or a direct check, he will talk to them about that,” Spicer said.

Senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said on CNN today that “Congress is investigating the possibility of paying for it to make it more speedy,” and that Trump will still seek payment from Mexico.

“Mr. Trump has always been very clear, and nothing has changed. He’s building the wall. Mexico will pay for it,” she said. “He ran on that.”

Source: ABC News

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1 Comment

  1. lauradet

    January 9, 2017 at 12:55 PM

    Another BIG LIE by Frumpy-Trumpy, will the madness never end?

    Mexico to pay for a wall that the US wants . . . yeah right.

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