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Powerball Winner Marie Holmes Gets Put On Blast By Side chick; She Claims Boyfriend Is Taking Care Of Her Kids With Marie’s Lottery Money


They say more money more problems, and it looks like Powerball winner Marie Holmes is learning that the hard way.
The North Carolina mother of four, who won $188 million in lottery winnings, has been making headlines for bailing out her jailbird boyfriend multiple times last year. Now Holmes is being publically blasted by a woman who claims to be involved with her boyfriend.

The woman alleges that Lamarr “Sauce” McDow has been using Holmes’ money to take care of other women.

“While you bailing this n***a out he taking care of every bitch around you except for you,” the unidentified woman says is a video obtained by MediaTakeOut.

“You can come to the hood any motherf****n’ day. I don’t mind tearing a bitch ass up and praying about it on Sunday,” the woman threatened.

She went on to throw several insults at Holmes, including that Holmes used to beg for rides, among other profanity-laced accusations.

“How you a millionaire but your hair looking like you on Section 8?” the woman says.

The video is far too graphic to share here at Centric, but if you want to watch it in its entirety, you can go here.

Holmes has been scrutinized for reportedly spending more than $20 million to protect “Sauce,” who landed behind bars on charges relating to heroin, gun possession, street racing and other charges, according to WWAY-TV.

McDow recently broke his silence to speak out in defense of Holmes.

“We are a couple, and I am the father of her youngest child. This is what people do for each other. She has the money and she can do what she wants with it,” he told the Daily Mail. “If I had that money then I would do the same for her. People are just jealous because of how much she won and people want to see me locked in jail.”


Source: Centrictv

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