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Police Stomp Black Suspect In The Head Causing A Seizure Then Points His Gun At Those Trying To Help Him”

The issues surrounding the police are never-ending and unfortunately does not appear to be getting any better.  EarHustle411 came across a video on Facebook where the person recording the video is stating that an NYPD stomped a black man in the head and began to have a seizure as a result of being stomped.  Interestingly enough New York’s “finest” started to point his service weapon at people he clearly can see were no threat to him.

It wasn’t until a construction worker at the scene began to record the officer that he finally radioed for medical services for this man.  His partner then stands over the suspect like nothing’s going on, while the man is shaking on the ground.  A woman then appears in the video who tries to get close the man and is shunned away by the officers.  She is persistent but gets close to the man and is checking his wrist for a pulse.

EarHustle411 cannot speculate as to why the man was sought after or what “crime” may have been allegedly committed, however whatever it was does not call for him to be kicked or stomped after being handcuffed. In addition to that from what we can see the situation did not call for the officer to point his weapon at citizens concerned about this man’s well-being which it’s obvious both officers was not a priority until they realized they were on live video for the world to see.

While all interactions with the police do not result in brutality however one is too many and those officers who don the uniform to “serve and protect” need to really reevaluate what and who they are serving and protecting.

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