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Police Seeking Assistance With Identifying CTA Blue Line Riders Who Harass A Passenger


Police are searching for the men seen slapping and harassing a CTA passenger in a video posted on social media.

The incident wasn’t just filmed, it was also posted on Facebook. The alleged perpetrators are heard laughing, but police don’t think it’s funny.

The video, now going viral, begins with a slap and is followed by another, and another. The elderly victim is seen cornered by at least two young men.

“Dude, you guys need to turn yourselves in. Seriously. I mean, turn yourselves in, seriously. Make a public apology, especially because that’s an elder. Someone who’s in Chicago,” said Quentin Williams, a CTA rider.

It happened on a westbound Blue Line train headed to the Racine stop. For two minutes, the victim tries to defend himself and his tormentors are heard laughing.

“They think this is a joke. But you know, you insulted that individual, and you have to pay the consequences. What if this was your father?” said Andrew Holmes, a community activist.

Police are now investigating after the video was posted on Facebook, apparently by the person who shot it. Police were also given CTA surveillance video.

“I’m glad you put it on Facebook, so that we can catch you because if you continue that behavior, you will be caught,” said Chuck Jirik, a CTA rider.

Other than being slapped repeatedly, it does not appear from the video that the alleged victim was seriously injured. ABC 7 sent a message to the person who posted the video on Facebook, but did not hear back.

Source: ABC7

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