HOUSTON – Aldine ISD police say a 16-year-old student at Nimitz High School was so upset with his substitute teacher for taking his phone, he pushed her onto the ground.

The video shows the student, who’s described as 6 foot 3 and 325 lbs., standing up and pushing the teacher three times and on the third time the 66-year-old woman fell to the ground.

“We have a school policy that we can’t use phones, we can’t use phones during the day, so she was right to take his phone. For him to act that way, it isn’t worth it,” said student Daija Owen.

Police say the teenager was using his phone in class and got physical with the substitute teacher to get it back.

“The substitute teacher confiscated a cell phone from a 16-year-old male student. The student attempted to retrieve his cell phone. He got up and shoved the substitute teacher, shoved her repeatedly and eventually shoved her to the ground,” Aldine ISD spokesperson Jason Spencer said.

The student actually walked himself to the principal’s office to turn himself in. He was charged with injury to the elderly. His name isn’t being released because he is a minor.

The substitute teacher, who is retired full-time teacher, was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries and released a short time later.

There is no word on whether the student will return to class.

Source KPRC-Channel 2