Are The Police Behind Many Of The Missing Children In DC & Across The Nation?

Are The Police Behind Many Of The Missing Children In DC & Across The Nation?

Ear Hustle 411 came across a disturbing story back in 2013 where three cops were involved in pimping out young teen girls in DC.  One cop was arrested and the other committed suicide.

You have to ask yourself, how are so many girls are coming up missing and no one seen or heard anything?  Most people trust the police and would never think they could be involved in such a heinous crime which is appalling to know that the people who we pay to serve and protect could possibly be the actual perpetrators.

In 2013, officer Barnhill was arrested after he was found inside his Southeast D.C. apartment with a 16-year-old girl who had been reported missing, as well as an 18-year-old woman.

According to NBC Washington, The 16-year-old told authorities that Barnhill had approached her at a shopping mall about two weeks earlier and asked if she wanted to be a model. She visited his apartment several times after that, and at one point, Barnhill gave her a cellphone and told the girl he had made a “date” for her with another man to engage in sex acts, according to charging documents.
He told her that the man would pay her $80 and the girl should give Barnhill $20 of it, the documents say.
The girl also told authorities that Barnhill took naked photos of her wearing sparkly high-heeled shoes he had given her, and told her he’d take her shopping at Rainbow to purchase clothes for the “date.”

A police salary is pretty decent but the sex trafficking game is far more financially Lucrative. You would hope and pray that police are not involved in the many cases of missing girls and boys but if these few cops in the video above were involved, how many more are doing this as a side hustle while hiding behind their badge?

How many politicians, Doctors, Lawyers and public officials and judges are involved in the sex trafficking game?
It’s the ones that you think are not molesting children are the ones that are abusing children. When it comes to minorities, the media is always silent and when you have top notch officials involved, it makes it harder to find victims when it’s being covered up.

See video below from 2013:


Below video was posted in 2017

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