Police Beat Innocent Mother In Front Of Her Kids For Reporting A Cop’s Rude Behavior

Police Beat Innocent Mother In Front Of Her Kids For Reporting A Cop's Rude Behavior

Ear Hustle 411 came across a shocking video from 2013 which identified a police officer brutally kneeing and punching a mother as she yells and screams, “Somebody help me.”

According to World Truth TV, Cindy Hahn was driving home with her young children in tow when they stopped to use the restroom.  While at their stop, Hahn asked a Carlsbad Police a question and his response according to her was ,”Mind your business.”

Hahn not being satisfied with the police officers response called the department and filed a complaint that the officer was being very rude.  Moments later, she finds herself being pulled over from the same cop for a seatbelt violation.

The officer asked her to exit the vehicle and that’s where all the drama unfolded.  She is tossed to the ground and other officers arrived as backup and viciously assaulted the mother as her children looked on.

Bystanders asked the cops to stop but the cops continue the assault eventually handcuffed her and hauling her off in front of her children .

All charges were dropped against Hahn after the DA seen the videotape and she has currently filed a lawsuit.


Check out the video below:


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