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Plus-Size Commercial Ad Rejected TV Airplay By NBC And ABC Citing “Indecency” Concerns

The Lane Bryant brand is known for bringing “it” when it comes to fashion for women who have more curves than others and their advertising whether in print or on television has always been very classy.  Their latest advertising entry titled #ThisBody was rejected for airplay by NBC and ABC citing “indecency” concerns.

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Now this is a serious problem for EarHustle411 and the writing staff because there has been marketing ads from several apparel companies that has teetered on the edge of indecency and immoral, like Calvin Klein, American Apparel and countless others but then there’s that crazy Calvin Klein’s Secret Obsession fragrance print ad (oh but it’s not deemed indecent…hmmpf!!) Take a look:

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Some of these photos are very controversial and they may have made it into print and may not but at the end of the day, they don’t represent on the side of squeaky clean.  American Apparel had one of the most controversial t-shirt’s ever with an image of a female’s private region apparently masturbating while on a menstrual cycle.  Now if that isn’t indecent NOTHING IS!! Now take a look at the Lane Bryant advertising commercial:

So what’s the problem with Lane Bryant’s advertising campaign, could it be because the women portrayed don’t fit the perfect image of what a woman should look like? It’s definitely not a racial issue because the commercial has ample racial representation.  In our opinion, it just boils down to NBC and ABC not wanting to air a commercial that has beautiful women who just happen to be bigger than a size 10.  Lane Bryant’s commercial was rejected in its current state but they’ve reportedly stated they may not resubmit the advertisement for reconsideration.

Kudos to the Lane Bryant brand for ensuring that women who are not your average “size 10” are represented in the ugly world of fashion with their clothing and intimate apparel selections.

Source: Lane Bryant YouTube Channel

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