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PlayStation 4 UnBoxed

It is the future. The year is… still 2013, but it’s slightly later in 2013. As the current console generation comes to an end and the future draws close, one of two new major competitors lies waiting in a room full of machines with lots of different colored blinking lights on them, because (as mentioned earlier) this is the future.

The marketing for the PlayStation 4 has been fun to watch so far, if only to see Sony frequently taking catty swipes at Microsoft and the XBox One, and with advertising as dramatic as the “Greatness Awaits” trailer – in which a man in a purple suit delivered a rather evil-sounding speech before kicking a pirate in the butt and clotheslining a clown – it would be disappointing if the official unboxing video of the PS4 was anything less than OTT.

Sony President Shuhei Yoshida does not disappoint in this official PS4 unboxing video, donning a pair of gloves to show proper reverence as he carefully extracts each cable and pamphlet from the box of dreams. The actual console angles a beam of light directly into his face that briefly looks as though it will melt his skin off – like the Ark of the Covenant. In case anyone misses it amidst all the drama, here’s what is included in this box:

PlayStation 4 unboxed

Admittedly it doesn’t look as exciting when it’s laid out in bullet points like that, but the unboxing of new gaming tech is still one of those things that makes many people feel like a kid at Christmas, and that’s likely to be true whether you’re unboxing a PS4, an Xbox One, or just a fancy new graphics card to help meet the increasingly demanding PC specs for next-gen games.

As cheesy and fun as the official version might be, this video of a Youtube celebrity unboxing an early release of the PS4 is undeniably a more accurate representation of what most people will do after purchasing one.


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