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Planned Parenthood Defends Mother Who Threw Away Her Newborn Baby In A Dumpster

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An Indiana woman was recently convicted for the murder of her 25-week-old unborn child, but Planned Parenthood is taking a stand.

Because OF COURSE they are.

The woman, Purvi Patel, was arrested last summer after taking an abortion pill to kill her unborn child. But that’s not the worst part. She threw her child in a dumpster behind a restaurant after the deed was done.

Obviously, the baby was dead when investigators found him/her, but an autopsy report reveals that the baby was, in fact, born alive.

She has been sentenced to 40 years and prison, and will serve 20, according to Life News.

But Planned Parenthood thinks this whole thing is just another jab at “racial and reproductive justice.”

planned parenthood

So yeah. In case you were wondering, giving birth to a baby and throwing it in a dumpster is totally understandable. We should actually feel compassion toward these women for committing such heinous acts. After all, the LAWS ARE FORCING THEM TO KILL THEIR BABIES.

“There were two crimes. The first crime performing an abortion without going to a doctor in Indiana and that obviously led to disastrous consequences,” said Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Mark Roule. “After that, she made a terrible choice – neglect of a dependent and that’s the substance of count 1. She had a baby she wasn’t expecting and obviously her choices are what we’ve talked about for the past week.”

Killing your baby, even after it’s out of the womb, should be tolerated under the right circumstances.

Planned Parenthood, everybody. *Slow claps*

Source: Chicks On The Right

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