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Photos Show That Philando Castile’s Rear Lights Worked Perfectly Making The Cop’s Traffic Stop Bogus

The shooting death of Philando Castile will be forever burned into the minds of people and according to a video and story EarHustle411 came across via Daily Mail Online, it appears the rear lights on the vehicle driven by Castile’s fiance were both working thus making the reason for pulling the vehicle over that lead to his death a lie and borders on racial profiling.

A witness named Gregory Ford videotaped the deadly scene after the having been on a motorcycle ride and witnessed the lights on the back of vehicle in proper working order.  It’s now public knowledge that Castile had well over 60 traffic stops since 2002 that resulted in several hundreds of dollars in fines and numerous convictions.

Castile's driving record

Photo Credit: Minnesota Judicial Public Records

Castile's Driving record

Photo Credit: Minnesota Judicial Public Records

With this information that the witness Gregory Ford has posted and discussed with Daily Mail Online news outlet one can only wonder what the police department will be doing now.  Apparently the officers involved prior to Ford coming up on the scene had been removed as well as the body the Castile.  Ford made this statement to Daily Mail Online:

Ford said he believed that Jeronimo Yanez, the officer who fatally shot Castile, and his partner Joseph Kauser had also been removed from the scene by the time he arrived.

Among the first people who arrived were Castile’s co-workers from JJ Hill Montessori school in St Paul.

‘They were saying how nice he was and that he was supervisor in the cafeteria, how he had been there for a lot of years.’

Ford spent around an hour at the scene before leaving. At that point the crowd had grown to around 30 people.

He said that he didn’t believe that Castile would have been shot dead in his car if he was white.

He said: ‘I definitely believe if he was white it wouldn’t have happened like that.

‘Although Falcon Heights is in an urban area, it’s more suburban, mostly white. It seemed a little well-off financially.

‘Larpenteur (Avenue) is a main street and there’s a lot of black people in St Paul and Minneapolis that would take that route to get to certain areas.

‘Most of the suburbs are predominantly white and you get white police officers stopping black people coming out of St Paul and Minneapolis.

He added: ‘The way those officers approached the car on both sides, that’s a lot. Usually when they do things like that, the tags are bad on the car or a warrant or something.’

Ford, who is originally from Chicago but has lived in Minnesota since 2001, said it made him worried for his own adult children.

His 19-year-old son has just joined the U.S. Marines and his five daughters attend or are recently graduated from college.

‘My girlfriend also has an eight-year-old son and a 17-year-old son which is another reason that this hits close to home. He’s driving now and she worries about him all the time.’

He added: ‘I just happened to be there, and I felt compelled to document it in some kind of way so others not on the scene could see because that’s the difference now.

‘If it had not been for his fiancée to record it, I truly believe his shooting would definitely be deemed as justifiable by the police and swept under the rug.

‘[It would be] another life lost which only allows other policemen to continue with that same type of behavior nationwide.’  ~ Source:Gregory Ford (In interview w/ Daily Mail Online)

It’s a shame that this type of story is even a story, America has one set of rules that apply to whites and another that applies to everyone else.  Race is STILL a major factor in this country and this land of the supposed to be “free” seems to only apply to those who can either afford it, and are not white.  It just is what it is and until people can call a spade a spade and hold people accountable for their behavior nothing will change.
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