“Pebbles Speak up Against how she is being portrayed in the New TLC Movie”

Per Sister 2 Sister Magazine, Pebbles is speaking out against the way she was recently portrayed in the VH1 movie about TLC.  Pebbles feels she got a bad wrap.


The R&B singer/music exec hasn’t had much to say about the way she was depicted in the biopic, but TLC fans have. She was all but slaughtered on social media during the film’s premiere.

The movie, which attracted a record-breaking number of viewers Monday night, did not portray Pebbles in a flattering light. To describe her movie character as greedy, dishonest and insensitive would be putting it mildly. Though she could defend herself, she said she’s not interested in a back-and-forth battle between her and T-Boz and Chilli. Instead, she’s just going through legal channels.



“Not going to comment about this anymore on here UN officially. Dealing with this though,” she wrote last week on Twitter.

The accusations from the remaining members of TLC are nothing new, but apparently Pebbles has had enough and may be sharing her side of the story soon.

Ear Hustle 411 will keep you all posted with any new updates.

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1 Comment

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