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Patti LaBelle Pies Sold Like Hot Cakes…Umm We Mean…Pies!! The Power Of Black Dollars And Social Media

EarHustle411 and the writing staff continuously talks about the power of the black dollar and social media.  This past weekend was a GOOD WEEKEND for Walmart and Patti LaBelle.  After the video of James Wright Chanel’s review of her sweet potato pie went viral and sent people primarily black running to every Walmart in every town looking to get their hands on one of those (in the words of James Wright Chanel) “on my own…why did it end this way” sumptuous pies.   It seems that Walmart and Patti LaBelle really racked in the “dough” and we don’t mean pie dough.  The sales of the pies just over the weekend was an estimated $2.3 million dollars.  While we can’t confirm or deny that 100% of the dollars spent were all from black customers but then again we won’t confirm or deny that it wasn’t.


It’s no secret that blacks spend a significant amount of money in stores but how different things would be if those same dollars were used in the black community.  Let’s take good look at the situation: Walmart was SOLD OUT of the now infamous “Patti Pie” and the buying black public are still trying to get their hands on at least 1.  Thanksgiving is next week and you can bet your last $3.48 (the cost of the pie before taxes) there will be another mad dash to the store and who knows what the numbers will look like then.

Realistically speaking social media is a beast all on its own but when you combine the spending power of black dollars and social media something is bound to happen.  Do we really think Patti LaBelle and Walmart thought this was going to happen? Probably not but one thing for sure somebody is getting paid, what about the person who got the frenzy going?  Will he eventually see some compensation? Well we surely hope so because had it not been for James’ colorful review of the pie, Patti Labelle and Walmart could be singing a different tune.

In all honesty, EarHustle411 is pleased that the product of a black woman is getting notoriety, but if circumstances were different the product may not have been a success.  This is something we may never know, prior to the video who knew the pies were even sold in Walmart?  This past weekend’s frenzy just goes to show that when blacks put their money where their mouth is amazing things can happen.  We all do have to wonder if the review was the complete opposite, how would the reaction be?  We still have yet to taste the pie and eventually we will but until then businesses need to know who really holds the power.

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