Patti LaBelle Thanks James Wright But Says ” I Was Selling Out Pies Before The Video”

Well how is that for a nice Thank You but you ain’t did nothing..for you?? Patti Labelle is showing some “serious” gratitude to James Wright Chanel but not really.  She is adamant that her pies were selling out long before James’ review of her sweet potato pie.  EarHustle411 was waiting on this shoe to drop.  Patti LaBelle is taking the full credit for the success of the sales for her pies.

patti labelle

photo credit: TMZ

In a snapshot video caught by TMZ, Patti, Patti says “I did it myself” when asked if she would use James to do more promotions for her.  Then the camera man says “that guy had you sold out of pies in Walmart…that’s amazing” and what does Ms. LaBelle say in response, well you have to check out the video, we are amazed.

Patti’s pies may have been selling that’s good but what James Wright did for her sales numbers in the last 7 days would have probably taken her a few years to get to if that maybe more.  Now don’t get it twisted…EarHustle411 and the writing staff are not throwing shade or discounting that Ms LaBelle’s pies are all that (we still have not tasted the darn thing!!) but give credit where credit is due…James did the Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie a huge favor.  Yea…it’s Patti’s name on the box but it was the voice and urging of James Wright who said go buy it!!


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